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From our roots in marketing and branding management, we’ve evolved to integrate cutting-edge AI technology into our expertise. At the core of our transformation lies a commitment to elevating business and marketing strategies through innovative, AI-assisted solutions.


Our journey from traditional marketing to tech-integrated strategising marks a new era where data-driven insights and AI efficiency set the stage for groundbreaking advancements in business strategy.

Will Zhang

Will is a seasoned marketing and business strategy consultant with diverse experience from real estate to technology, brings a global perspective shaped by his Chinese origins and international experience. Relocating to New Zealand in 2016, he has held senior roles at Multimarketing, Crimson Education, and previously as CEO of Harmony Technology Limited. Currently, as the Director of Cool Marketing Limited since 2022, he is the mastermind behind AI-assisted apps like EmoEx, aiming to revolutionize business operations with cutting-edge AI. His strategic insights are invaluable for navigating and succeeding in Asian markets.


Will Zhang


AI Revolution: Shaping the Future of Business Efficiency

Our mission is to redefine how businesses operate and plan their growth in the digital age. We are at the forefront of integrating AI tools that enhance workflow efficiency and improve business processes. Our vision is to transform the landscape of business strategy, combining our expertise in marketing and branding with innovative AI solutions. We strive to empower companies to embrace new methodologies, enabling them to incorporate advanced tools across various facets of their operations. In doing so, we are not just changing the way businesses work; we are shaping the future of business efficiency and effectiveness.


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our team is a blend of seasoned strategists and innovative thinkers who bring over two decades of experience in business, IT and marketing. United by a passion for excellence and a flair for AI-driven solutions, we excel in delivering strategies that are not just visionary but practically impactful.

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