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Crafting Tomorrow's Tech-Enhanced Business Landscape

Empower Your Enterprise with AI Ingenuity


We integrates the art of business acumen with the science of AI. 

Rooted in over twenty years of strategic business and marketing wisdom, Cool Consulting integrates the art of business acumen with the science of AI. We believe in a future where business savvy meets AI efficiency— the key to unlocking success in a rapidly evolving market. Our mission is to equip businesses with the AI tools essential for sustainable growth and agile adaptation to the ever-shifting commercial landscape.

AI Swirl


Cool Consulting delivers meticulously crafted, multifaceted solutions that blend data-driven insights with human expertise and AI technology, providing cost-effective and operationally superior strategies to navigate the complexities of modern business.


Business Strategy

In an era where technology reshapes the commercial terrain, agility in business strategy becomes paramount. Cool Consulting equips you to navigate and lead through this continuous transformation. 

  • Business Process Assessment: Streamlining your workflow with precision.

  • Business Model Evaluation: Aligning your core operations with market dynamics.

  • Business Strategy Creation/Improvement: Crafting adaptive strategies for sustained profitability.

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Marketing & Branding Strategy

Drawing from our rich history with international brands across China, New Zealand, Australia, the USA, and Europe, Cool Consulting stands ready to forge strategies that resonate on a global stage. Adaptive, market-savvy, and geared for sustainability, our services include:

  • Data-Driven Market Insights: Uncover actionable intelligence to guide your market presence.

  • Marketing Strategy: Develop dynamic plans that respond to market flux and drive growth.

  • Branding Creation and Strategy: Establish a compelling brand narrative that captivates and endures.

AI-assisted solution

In the modern business toolkit, AI is as essential as the classic shovel and saw. Its integration propels efficiency, enhances service quality, and sharpens decision-making. As a forerunner in AI applications, Cool Consulting proudly offers:

  • AI-Assisted Applications and Web Development: Crafting digital solutions powered by intelligent algorithms.

  • AI-Bot Development: Building conversational agents for enhanced customer interactions.

  • ML-Ready Dataset Creation: Preparing data foundations for robust machine learning models.

  • AI Training and Prompt Engineering: Guiding teams to effectively harness AI's potential.

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Asian Marketing

From day one, Asian marketing has been a core part of our DNA. As immigrants to New Zealand with global work experience, we possess a nuanced understanding of connecting local businesses to the intricacies of Asian markets. Cool Consulting offers:

  • Market Entry and Channel Strategy: Navigating the complexities of Asian markets for successful entry and expansion.

  • Branding/Rebranding Strategy: Tailoring your brand to resonate with diverse Asian audiences.

  • PR and Communications: Crafting communication strategies that speak to the heart of Asian markets.

  • Market Activation: Implementing dynamic strategies to energise your presence in Asian markets.

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  • Holistic Business Insight: We excel in envisioning the complete journey of business growth, spotting opportunities and navigating challenges with a big-picture perspective.

  • Proven Business Expertise: Our team's extensive experience encompasses the full spectrum of business management, marked by both triumphs and learned lessons.

  • Diverse Team Proficiency: Boasting a seasoned team skilled in IT, project management, design, and marketing, we offer a rich tapestry of expertise.

  • Strong Industry Connections: We're well-connected across various sectors, enabling us to build bridges and create synergies for our clients.

  • Demonstrated Track Record: Our history of success in all services we provide is a testament to our commitment to excellence and results.

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Explore Waving and EmoEx, our latest app creations. Waving unites the migrant community diaspora with businesses, and EmoEx provides AI-driven emotional support, exemplifying our dedication to innovative tech that connects and supports communities.

EmoEX AI Companion


EmoEx is an innovative mobile app designed to help users navigate and release their emotional backlog using advanced AI technology. It offers a private, judgment-free space where users can converse with an AI confidant, either through text or voice, to explore and understand their emotions. EmoEx stands out for its ethical approach, prioritising user privacy and avoiding diagnostic or clinical interpretations, making it a unique tool in the realm of emotional well-being.


Our Involvement:

  • UI/UX Design: We crafted a user-friendly and intuitive interface, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience that encourages regular interaction and exploration.

  • Development: Our team played a pivotal role in the technical development of the app, implementing robust and scalable solutions to handle diverse user interactions.

  • AI Training and Dataset Creation: We curated and developed extensive datasets, training the AI to understand and respond empathetically to a wide range of emotional expressions.

  • Business Model Design: Our strategic input helped shape EmoEx's business model, ensuring it aligns with both market needs and the app's core values.

  • Branding and Marketing: We developed a comprehensive branding and marketing strategy that accurately conveys the app's mission and appeals to the target demographic.


Waving is a dynamic social platform tailored for the overseas Chinese community, bridging cultural and geographical gaps. It acts as a vital connector, enabling businesses to engage effectively with local Chinese communities. The platform facilitates seamless integration across people, cultures, and businesses, fostering a vibrant multicultural ecosystem.


Our Involvement:

  • Branding: We developed a strong, culturally resonant brand identity for Waving, encapsulating its role as a community hub and business catalyst.

  • UI/UX Design: Our focus was on creating a user interface that is intuitive, engaging, and reflective of the platform’s multicultural ethos.

  • Development: We oversaw the technical development of the app, ensuring a robust, user-friendly, and scalable solution.

  • AI Integration: AI features were integrated to enhance user experience and engagement, leveraging technology to deepen connections within the community.

  • Business Model Design: Our strategic expertise shaped Waving’s business model, aligning it with market demands and the platform’s unique positioning.

  • Preliminary Operations: We played a key role in the initial operational setup, laying a solid foundation for Waving’s successful launch and growth.



At Cool Consulting, we understand the value of collaboration. Our diverse network of partners, experts in their respective fields, ensures that our clients receive holistic solutions crafted by the best minds in the industry. Together, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise across various sectors, guaranteeing comprehensive and effective strategies tailored to meet your unique business needs.

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